Eddie Lepp

I hope I saw you at

                 "ART STREET" 

ART STREET was a free, temporary, multi-disciplinary arts project in Sacramento, created by M5 Arts, the people who brought you lasdt year's Art Hotel. Located at 300 1st Ave. in Sacramento, it featured over 100 artists and spanned over 65,000 square feet of space.

​Ken volunteered throughout January, and on every Friday and Saturday night from 6-9pm during its February run.  "I hope I saw you! Otherwise, look for me at next year's Art City!"

Been to the Golden One Arena yet? Add your photos of the Jeff Koons "Piglet" sculpture to our gallery.

 What's New?

Ken is writing articles about cannabis culture for the ​Capital Cannabis Guide in the Sacramento News and Review newspaper. New issues come out on Thursdays, you find more to read by going over to the "Ken's Articles" page.

   Where is HOMELAND SECURITY Now?   an international bulliten board      

  Click on the photos for captions.  Do you have a HOMELAND SECURITY sticker to get up and share with us?  Want one?  E-mail Ken your address.

Ken and Theo visited Anthony McCall's "Swell" light installation at the Nevada Art Museum in Reno.  Photos by David Marquis.

 Portraits with the Koons

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2.  "Swell" light installation in Reno 

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4.  Photos with the Koons

5.  Where is Homeland Security now?